PC booted to BIOS (perfect). Turned off, then 1min later tried to power, No Beep, Monitor comes on for a sec, then blank.

Hi everyone,

My rig I built was running well for over a year. Then my motherboard died (probably zapped with static electricity) and I got my hands on another one (same model).
I am just trying to start up with the basics, Motherboard, CPU/CPU cooler, RAM, Graphics card, PSU and USB keyboard.

___First 3 Attempts to Boot (reseated the RAM each attempt)___
* No beeps
* Monitor gets a signal for a second, then nothing
* Motherboard lights are on

___4th Attempt to Boot (reseated RAM again)
* Got a Beep
* Booted to BIOS (perfect, exactly what I wanted to happen)

___ 5th Attempt to Boot (did not reset RAM. Just held down Power button to turn off. Turned it on a minute later)
* No beeps
* Monitor gets a signal for a second, then nothing
* Motherboard lights are on

That was last night. This morning it happened in a similar fashion. Got it to boot once, perfectly into BIOS. Then tried to repeat the process with no luck. Get the same, No Beeps, Monitor comes alive for a second then goes blank, MB lights are on.

This is driving me crazy that it works perfectly once, then does not boot after I turn it off and on a minute later.

_________My Build (this is all I am trying to start it up with, besides my USB keyboard)_________
MB: Asus Rampage IV Extreme

CPU: Intel Core i7-3930

RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 1866 (CMD16GX3M4A1866C9)


PSU: XFX Pro 1000W XFX Pro Series P1-1000-BELX 1000W PLATINUM Certified Full Modular Active

CASE: Cooler Master 932

Any ideas? :)

EDIT: Just bought a power supply. Nothing changed. Can't boot to BIOS.
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    Some suggestions,

    rebuild the pc,look carefully at each connection,reseat everything.

    Test with just one ram stick,probably in the first or second slot at the right side of the cpu,i would try the second first.
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