A motherboard support ddr4 ram for core i7 4790k

I'm looking for a good motherboard that support ddr4 with core i7 4790k
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    They don't exist.

    The i7-4790K works with Z97 based motherboards and uses DDR3 not DDR4.

    If you want to use DDR4, you only have two choices. One is to use a Haswell-E CPU (i7-5820K, i7-5930K, i7-5960X) and an X99 based motherboard. Two is to use a Skylake CPU (i7-6700K) and a Z170 based motherboard.
  2. Haswell-E and/or Skylake are the first to support DDR4.

    Edit: Ah, guy above me got it with his edit. Well done!
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