Palit Daytona GF GTX770 JetStream 2GB vs Radeon R9 280X Sapphire Toxic 3GB

What would you guys suggest? Both got no warranty, the GTX is a bit pricier, tho... It seems to me that it's slower, but people seem to think otherwise.
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  1. alternatively you could get a 380X, which is meant to replace Tahiti (280/280X/7970), and comes with 4GB of VRAM.
  2. Out of those two choices the 280x toxic by miles mate - far better GPU.
  3. I thought the Toxic is better, too.

    My budget is way too little to go for a 380x... - it's almost double the price that I will pay for a Toxic :)
  4. also, the 280X first came out as a flagship card, the 7970... and AMD will still support it for the next 5+ years, unlike Nvidia's 700 series. (AMD cards released in that period are now as good as or better than those Nvidia cards, so 280X has longer lifespan.)
  5. And if I am to compare the R9 280x Toxic vs R9 280x Matrix? What would you suggest? Because I can get a Matrix for a bit more then the Toxic. I read that is a great card, the Matrix vesrion, if it works. But looks like the card decides for itself when to work or not to work. Any suggestions? It is a limited offer...
  6. Toxic is faster & cooler than the matrix mate , certainly wouldn't pay extra for it.
  7. Thanks!

    And can you recommend an alternative to the Toxic? Something similar to its power and also its cost?
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    The toxic is the fastest 280x there is so nothing really comparable+ I don't know what prices you're looking at.
    In all honesty between all the models of the 280x available I doubt you will see more than 5-10fps difference max between any of them
  9. I can get a used Toxic for around $135, which is pretty much my budget limit. Didn't find anything that good in that price range, so this is why I'm asking, I want to know this is the best offer I will get :).
  10. That's a good price mate - I doubt you'll get anything to touch it for the same money !
  11. My thoughts exactly, but I wanted some other opinions, too :)
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