installing i7 4790k stock cpu fan/cooler

I've installed the cpu and stock cooler. And everything seems tight and properly installed.

But after installing it I read some forum posts saying that the pins with the arrows need to be pressed down until you hear a click (which I've done) and turned in the OPPOSITE direction to the arrows.

I'm pretty sure I turned in the SAME direction as the arrows to fasten it - which seems to have worked.

But having read those posts Im a little bit concerned. Annoyingly I've also read posts saying you should turn them the SAME direction as the arrows.

The instruction manual only shows turning the pins the SAME direction to remove them - which, I guess would confirm they need to be turned the OPPOSITE direction to lock them - but there's no explicit instruction about turning the pins on installation.

How confusing..

How can I tell if this cooler is correctly installed ? can someone post a picture of a correctly installed one ? It seems very tight and secure - it seems to be installed right. I'm not turning it on until I'm happy its correct.

Thanks !
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  1. ah... you know what. I'm thinking now, that when you first install this cooler, you push the pins down until the click, and DONT turn the pins. leave the pins alone. only turn the pins to remove them (to unclick them)

    this would align with the lego-like instructions in manual.

    So I should go and turn all those pins back to their original positions... I think.
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    The pins should just have to be pushed straight down to lock them into place. The arrow on the top of the pin pointing counter-clockwise is to remove/unlock them. If you look at the top of the pins there's a slot for a common screwdriver and part of the slot is widened out. Gently place a flathead/common screwdriver into the slot and slow turn it, notice how it catches and can turn the pushpin only one direction? The widened portion is so the screwdriver slips if you try to turn it clockwise. The idea here is to be able to use a flathead screwdriver to release the pins, it's not used to install them.

    The pins should be turned 90 degrees to the right/clockwise until they stop before installing. That way you can turn them 90 degrees to the left/counterclockwise to remove and unlock the pins.
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