PC Restarts under certain circumstances. No BSOD


Im new here, English isn't my first language, so sorry for the mistakes I might make.

I have had my Desktop PC for four years now. It started with this configuration (bought from a store that built them the way you wanted)

- NOX 600 W PSU
- Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 (rev. 1.0/1.1)
- AMD Radeon HD 7770 1GB DDR5
- AMD FX 6200 3.8Ghz
- Seagate Barracuda 2TB
- Thermaltake Chasis
- Windows 7 Upgraded to W10

Runnin for 3 years straight. 0 problems.

4th year problems appeared: Random restart when under heavy load (Assetto Corsa, BF4, etc)

The restarts were more like "resets", because no minidump file was left behind, no BSOD appeared, and the only event recorded was 41 error from the kernel.

Decided to change PSU, to a Corsair CX750 M, so the random resets may be due to the PSU.

Electrical storm hits, new PSU becomes a barbecue. Buy a new one.

Again, under heavy stress like BF4 or randomly while using Chrome it restarts.

Check RAM. Twice in a month. Everything runs fine.

Check HDD. Runs fine. Decided to buy an SSD (Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB), reinstall W10 in it, use HDD for media and heavy programs.

Install BF4 in the SSD. Still resets. And 10 minutes ago, restarted again while using chrome.

Now few things are left to change. Maybe it was the motherboard the one that made (and still makes) my PC restart?

I thought about buying the MSI 970 gaming or the 990fxa.

Some help about the random restarts? And if not, any tips about buying a good motherboard for the FX 6200 six core (AM3+ Socket)?

Thanks a lot, I'm getting really mad with this issue
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  1. For the random restart after your PC got hit fro the electrical storm, the PSU got kill and the power surge may kill the MB , cpu or other too. Because you change the HDD to SSD, PSU, and check the RAM, so you may try the hd7770 in other PC, check your cpu too.

    If you check both hd 7770 and cpu, and they are fine, only one part that is the MB will be question mark. May consider to buy the MSI 970 gaming, it is the good one, also buy the power strip too, it will protect the power surge.
  2. Check the motherboard for blown caps.
  3. Cin19: The random resets were usual before buying the PSU, so the electrical strike may have not damaged the motherboard. Or maybe it did, and that made another problem appear that I can't find.

    I've read some info about the Corsair CX750M, and they say that under stress it shuts down due to temperature, but I have no way to check the PSU.

    This weekend I'will check 2 PSU's from a friend, so if the problem persists, the PSU will be completely discarded.

    Maybe I will try the 7770 in my friend's PC too, so I get out of doubts about it too.

    If any of this shows me the problematic component, then I will get the whole motherboard+CPU out of the box and leave it in a Computer shop so they check it deeply, both MoBo and CPU.

    Thanks for your tips :D

    Inachu: Blown Caps? I'll check it tonight, if I find one it means that I have to discard the MoBo?
  4. When you use the NOX 600 W PSU, the random resets during the games may cause by the PSU after 3 yrs. After the PSU got kill, the random resets may cause by the MB. Usually the power surge kill the PSU and will bring down other components too.

    One more thing to try before you buy the new MB, do the clean reinstall the win10, usually it will solve the unknown problem that causes by the win10 upgraded from win7/win8. If the PC still acts same, the problem may from MB.
  5. Indeed, after upgrading from W10 I made a clean reinstall.

    Then I installed the SSD and clean reinstall again. Same problems. BIOS is updated to the last driver known, so software problems about BIOS may be discarded.

    Yes, maybe the surge killed something on its strike.

    FYI no blown caps found. All nice and unbent, 0 leaks.
  6. The only thing left is storm damage which is akin t static shock damage which does happen.
    Just remember next time to buy a line conditioner and battery backup. I n my household we lost 4 laptops in the past 5 years because we were too stubborn to buy any kind of protection.

    Those line conditioners starting price is around 200 and up. You may find a few good deals online as well as for battery backup.
  7. Still having the problem, recheked temperature but is completely fine.
  8. recheck that you your cpu heat sink is applied properly
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