What the differences between ASUS,MSI,GIGABYTE,SAPHIRE at graphic card.

Hello guys.. im a new guy in computer technology.. so.. can i ask something?
Im planning to buy my own graphic card... what the differences between those name like gigabyte.. msi.. for example.. i searched for nvidia gtx show many names.. did it have same things or what? or it only can be used on some other motherboard.. ??
Im using ASUSTEK P5P43TD PRO i need to buy Asus Nvidia? Need explanation from the profesional please !!
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  1. The difference is the brand. They are all the same graphics processor unit, but different brands can do different things with it. Some have a better cooler, others have higher clocks and so on. Generally, EVGA is considered the best brand for nVidia cards, but they are all good.

    Your motherboard is not the newest, but, it has a PCI-E x16 slot, which means any modern card will be compatible. Just make sure they fit in your case, since graphics cards have become quite big.

    First thing to look at when you're going to buy is what you can spend and what you want to achieve. Afterwards you can decide what to buy.
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    Hi Sunaim,

    Different brands can produce different quality cards. Quality even varies between cards of different range within a single brand. Most manufacturers try and exceed in some way over and above each other, but much of it is just marginal marketing material. I have personally had many brands over the years such as Sparkle, MSI, Gigabyte, EVGA, Gainward etc. The main thing to check is what components the card is using, how good is its cooler (check some reviews) are there lots of reports of coil whine and what is its base clock speed and noise levels.

    Pay attention to quality of components, for example Gigabyte makes use of its Ultra Durable II specification to avoid returns.
    List of cards: Ultra Cooling - Low RDS(on) MOSFET Design, Low Power Loss - Ferrite Core Choke Design, Longer Life - All-Solid Capacitor Design,53@53@53,62&v=1,8@1@2,22#3
    One of the 750ti:

    Most other good manufacturers also have something similar. MSI has what it calls "Military Class 4 Components" Certified to MIL-STD-810G standards for top stability and quality. Built with Hi-c CAP and Solid CAP components.

    My personal thoughts on this matter is that you should look at getting a 950 instead the 750ti. The 950 is significantly better and the 750ti is an older generation. Price difference is about 15-20% more for the 950.

    Another thing to consider is warranty. I get 3 years local warranty on my Gigabyte 980ti G1, which is a very long time for a card.

    If I were you I would find a GTX 950 with 2 or 4Gb of RAM (if you can afford it because 2 is getting small now), and look for a manufacturer with the longest warranty in your area. Warranty often translates to reliability of the card. Read some reviews of the specific card you want to get and you cant really go wrong.

    Hope this helps,
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