Critique my next gaming build with budget ~$800 graphics, processor, motherboard

Processor: I7-4790k
Motherboard: MSI Gaming Z97
Graphics: Saphire Nitro Radeon R9 390 (wanted single middle of road graphics card, not really researched)
RAM: Team Dark 16gb (2x8) might go to 32 gig not sure and again not really researched
SSD: 850 EVO (already bought)

Don't worry about the rest, I already have case (HAF 932), and power supply (Corsair 850 active PFC). Will be running Windows 7 pro, and open to cpu cooler suggestions. This will be way more than I need, just looking to have it last a few years before upgrade.
Footnote: I don't know why but I cringe at spending more than $400 for a graphics card. I am open to changing CPU money/performance.

Thank you in advance
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    Looks OK if gaming main use absolutely no need for 32 GB ram. The only thing is why not build Skylake with 6700K, Z170 board and DDR4?
  2. Agreed. 32gb is ridiculous. Even 16gb is huge overkill for gaming.

    You'll be happy with a 390, but Nvidia cards are more efficient, less power, less heat etc.

    I7 is overkill for gaming also.

    I would agree with Rolli and put the money into an i5 skylake build instead.
  3. Thank you both for your input. Maybe I'll make a quick build with the 6700k and compare.
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