Still frozen Samsung ssd 850 can't get further than Samsung blue secure erase screen?

Trying to install as main drive for new instillation of win 10
Keep greeting Samsung secure erase blue menu on screen
I follow instructions remove power cable
Type in dos command with zero it accepts the dos comand but brings back up the blue secure comand screen each time
I have burned cd and tried to boot from that same issue

I reconnect the old hard drive a using
Samsung magician check the ssd and it shows it as good
I close the machine disconnect the old Hdd and try again to install ssd one its own and again get to the same situation
Saying ssd frozen please remove cable etc
Any thoughts
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  1. RMA?
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    I've had issues with Samsung SSDs in the past... mostly with installing Windows. However, both times I was able to resolve my issues by simply DELETING the current partition on the drive and creating a new one.
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