will my r9 290 run better on a pci e 3.0 slot?

Hello guys.

I'm currently using my r9 290 on a 2.0 slot and it runs fine, but I'm changing my motherboard and get offered a choice between a solid OC one with only 2.0 slots and a more recent but not so performing other with a 3.0 slot.
Would I benefit from picking the 3.0 one or would it be the exact same?

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  1. Most likely as it is never technology.
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    With a single 290 no difference whatsoever mate .
  4. You won't see a difference at all with the 3.0...As long you aren't planning on using crossfire.
  5. alright. meanwhile I got told that my 2600k wasnt handling pci e 3.0 anyway lol. I would never have guessed something like that, still good to know in case I'd change cpu in the future.
    Thanks guys!
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