Mbr or gpt for my new 2tb black western digital ?

I will use that drive to instal my games also will it cause proplems if my OS which is installed on my SSD is mbr ??
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  1. gpt is the superior format. having one formatted as gpt will not effect another drive in any way.
  2. Will all games old and new run on gpt without any proplems or stutter ?
  3. format type will not affect gameplay in any way at all.

    please read this:
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    Hey there, Yusuf Il!

    @N3rdR4ge is right, the partition table selection doesn't influence your gameplay performance in any way. Since your WD Black is 2 TB, you should be good to go with the Master Boot Record partition table (MBR) just as your SSD.
    If you plan to upgrade that capacity (above 2.2 TB), you'd most definitely need to initialize the HDD in the GUID partition table (GPT) in order to be able to use the whole capacity.
    It shouldn't cause you any issues whatsoever, just make sure you relocate the default save location (static files) to the HDD, so that you don't fill the SSD with data.

    Win 7 & 8:
    Win 8.1 & 10:

    Hope it helps. Best of luck with your new WD Black! :)
  5. You can go with either, but I would suggest MBR since it is more compatible with older OS and utilities. GPT is newer and has benefits over MBR, but it is really only useful if you're using a disk over 2TB in size. I would go with MBR and keep it simple. You'll have no issues with performance in either format type. Just understand you may run into compatibility issues with GPT.
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