New motherboard.. do i need to buy windows again?

I bought a prebuilt PC a while ago with windows 8 already installed and now i am planning to upgrade my motherboard & CPU. However I was wondering if I would have to buy Windows again or if I can just use the media creation tool to make a USB flash drive with an installation file to install windows instead having to buy it again.
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    With an OEM license key, you can't get the ISO from Microsoft and then use that to generate a USB install. They expect you to get that from the manufacturer.

    And whatever you get from the manufacturer probably won't work with a whole different motherboard.

    Finally, the OEM license is indeed tied tot hat original motherboard.

    You're basically building a new system. Time for a new OS.
  2. New system, new OS. Windows 7 :P
    Windows 10 OEM is tied to mobo.

    Read SR-Blackbirds post.
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