Friend building PC, need a list of good parts for £400

I have a friend who wants to build his own PC for around about £400-£450 price range. He is very new to the PC front and has no clue what he wants or needs to buy. Could anyone possibly send a link to some of the best (and most cost efficient) parts possible for him? I need everything from motherboards to the PSU down to the case/fans please
It will be a great help for me as I am not sure what parts are the best for that price range!
Thank you :D
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    Spend your time on this site.
    It depends on what games he plays and likes to play.
    Don't skimp on PSU, a lesser known brand may fry his computer.
  2. He's mostly into CSGO but wants the ability to play higher end games
  3. Look at reviews of the Cards and see what they can do in FPS for the games hes interested in playing.
    They have reviews that way he can make an informed decision, especially since he has such a small budget.
  4. Could you compile a list of a good mix of parts that are compatible with each other? I don't mind if it goes over budget slightly! Truth be told I am not too good at picking components.
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    Before I build a computer I decide first on the CPU, which determines the socket, which determines the motherboard.
    Everything else stems out've that as parts will be compatible with each other.
  6. Any good CPUs for the price range?
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