R7 265 sapphire dual x will run on 600w generic psu with 28amps on +12rail

its on the description answerr plss thanks
btw i dont have 6 pin connector
can i use molex to 6pin ?
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    Will it work? Yeah it will work. You can use that connector as well. The power draw is not that high.

    That said it is enough to stress a junk generic PSU. As soon as possible replace it with a good quality Tier 1 or 2 PSU. If it fails (and it WILL) it has the potential to take the rest of your equipment with it.
  2. Thanks for the answer :)
  3. Chester19 said:
    Thanks for the answer :)

    You're welcome.

    I'm really serious regarding replacing it. that "600w" PSU is in reality only able to safely generate probably 400-450w of power. And I use the word safely very loosely. 450 is the recommended PSU for that card. Save your money from today for a replacement.
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