Msi Motherboard b2 9c and a2 error.

Msi Motherboard b2 9c and a2 error.

Msi z97 gaming 5 mobile
Intel i7 4790k
EvGA 650 80 gold plus
Samsung 850 Evo 500gb
Gskill sniper ram 8gb x 2
Cooler master hyper 212
Define r5 case
Asus DVD drive

So I built my pc yesterday and was having a few problems getting it to start and then when I got it to start I was able to install windows 8.1 and then I installed Msi motherboard driver. It was late to I shut it down and went to bed. This morning I brought it downstairs to plug into the ethernet cable and I turned it on and it got the a2 error. So I tried clearing cmos multiple ways. I changed my sata cable and changed ports. Now when I start it up it goes a few numbers then b2, then 9c, then a2, sits on a2 for a few seconds and then goes back to numbers. Right now it's switching back and forth between 27 and 28. I had the OS downloaded and the mobo driver last night. Now I can't even get it to display on the screen.
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    If removing the graphics card, all RAMs and starting the board, what code getting?
  2. alexoiu - I don't know how to reply, I didn't mean to vote down the solution, I will be trying this tomorrow and seeing what happens. All the parts are already in the case.
  3. No problem.
  4. Got code E0
  5. I put a ram stick in and I got the same 3 codes but then the computer booted. How should I go about installing my gpu, 2nd ram stick and 2 1 tb harddrives
  6. Sorry for the late reply.
    Does it work now?
  7. alexoiu said:
    Sorry for the late reply.
    Does it work now?

    Yes thank you. I did what you said and got the code e0, so I shut it down, put 1 ram stick in and it booted to windows. So I shut it down, installed the gpu then downloaded the driver for the gpu. Shut it down, installed the second ram stick then shut it down and installed my two hard drives and everything works now. Thank you very much!
  8. Glad you've fixed it.
    Good luck!
  9. Im very late into your computer problem. I noticed your 9c and A2 things in particular. Ive rebuilt my computer more times than I pet my cat (thats a lot). Anyways. I only have on my homebuilt H87-G43 based motherboard computer a USB blu-ray drive that I use win 8;1 to load onto the system. If for some reason the usb drive has an error/slow to spinup/power supply problem, will post that 9c like you see on yours. It also depends on whether I am using the old fashined boot where you get to see everything as its posting...or if you use the M

  10. sorry....keyboard problem. ....Or the MSI enabled bios settings. I can definately say that if it is posting....and you for a brief second see the A2 or 9c....your good. If It hangs on one of them, that is a commuication problem with one of the other things you have attached. Like the other poster said.
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