Installed win10 on a new SSD, now i can't access my old RAID0 (2xSSD).


I just bought a EVO 850 and win10. I connected the drive and installed. Next time when i booted i got status "Fail" on my RAID0 setup (previous syste disk).

I can see it in device manager but it says "not installed, unallocated".

I was supposed to keep this disk so that I could move settings and such on the go when i miss stuff.

Any help would be much appriciated.


*PSU - Antec TruePower Quattro 850W *Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 * Ram - Corsair 6gb (3*2048mb) 1600mhz XmS3 * Processor - Intel i7 930 2,8ghz * Video card - Evga GTX980* Disks - 2x80gb ssd Intel X25M G2 SATA (RAID0), 1x500gb samsung EVO 850 * OS - Win7/Win10
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    Hi, If removing the SSD, making sure that the HDDs are connected to the same SATA ports as before and SATA set to RAID in BIOS, does the RAID work?
  2. Hi alexoiu

    I feel embarrassed now, it turned out to be the power cable to one of the ssd's that had been detached.

    Thank you for the reply and merry Christmas.
  3. You're welcome. Merry Christmas.
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