One core high usage.

When I play Counter Strike 1.6 , my first core usage is 90% and other cores are at 2%, 34%, 0%. Will that harm or damage my i5 4440 CPU??? I play CS 1.6 a lot.
Thank U :)
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    Hello... No
  2. Ironsounds said:
    Hello... No

    Hello...r u sure ??? :D
    And are those usage normal specially for an old game like CS 1.6???
  3. Completely normal, old games aren't very good at using multiple cores.
  4. Hello... Your audio needs its own cores too... and Skype... etc... would it be smart to scatter all the information evenly between them? Maybe? But the programmer's of the game didn't see that way.
    Did you know you can tell which cores to do what with a click of a button? we can make the second core go to 90% only... Would you feel better? Or next week run #3 at 90% for a while.... And then the week after that... B )
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