Avi, WMA and MPEG Tag Editor?

I am looking for a good properties (title etc) editor for some AVI files. I tried with The God Father but it does not edit AVI files. Windows wont let me do it with some specific videos i have.
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  1. Hi welcome to the new millennium! There has been a new invention called MKV, suggest you join the rest of society and ditch antique container formats.
  2. Is not my choice these video files are very important since are family videos and it seems the camera video at that time added random video titles that for some reason i cant edit from windows details windows. I love the quality and current format. Also i cant watch MKV files on my PS4 PS3 or File player. So yeah MKV SUCKS.

    So yeah sticking to the questions which open source program can help me edit these tags from an AVI file...
  3. Well like i said in many other questions or topics here. Lately tomshardware forum is way behind other forums. I found the answer in another forum if you have the same problem i did try ABCAvi works great.
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