Will a Geforce GTX 980 fit in an existing system with a MS-7829 board (Micro-ATX)

I currently have a prebuilt system from Acer, which has a "MS-7829 VER 1.1" motherboard and a "NVIDIA Geforce GTX 745 (OEM)" graphics card inside.

I would like to replace the GTX 745 graphics card with a GTX 980 4GB, but I am not sure if the card will fit in a Micro-ATX board (the MS-7829). The dimensions of the card seem much higher than the old 745, so I would like to know if known incompatibilities are known with such a card and motherboard.

Also, I would like to know what is the real difference from a ZOTAC, EVGA, MSI or ASUS PCIE for the GTX980 (appart from the price). Are they usually much different in size? Which do you recommend? I believe I want to go for the MSI PCIE GEFORCE GTX980 GAMING 4G 4GO BTE DDR5, which is 10.98" x 5.51".

TL;DR: I want a GTX 980 cuz the 745 sucks and I dont know if it will fit in a Micro-ATX board.

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  1. id contact acer to see if the card is compatible with that mobo. With respect to BIOS. Measure the internals of the case to see if it will physically fit.

    out of the 4 EVGA, MSI, ASUS are good , forget the zotac. They all the the same GPU chip but use their own circuit boards and cooling. Zotac is cheap crap.
    The MSI is a great choice. I had that very one before upping to the 980ti.

    Again, check with asus on that BIOS. give them a call and send email / lodge support ticket
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    As long as the motherboard has a PCI-E slot the card will fit. The bigger questions are will the 980 fit in your case and do you have a power supply capable of handling the 980.

    Edit: And yes as stated above you will need to be sure that the board supports the card on a BIOS level. Not a bad idea at all to contact Acer to be sure.
  3. Thank you for your responses, I will proceed with the purchase now.


    I have bought a EVGA 970 instead of the 980, since the latter wouldn't fit in my system (its height is 0.5" too high). I also needed to buy a new PSU, since the one the system came with supported up to 300W and the 970 requires a minimum of 500W to function. I got a CoolerMaster Ultra 550 (or something like that), but I am now faced with another issue.

    The following page provides details on the motherboard:
    The page specifies a 24-pin ATX Power connector, same as the 970's 20+4pin connector. I found myself in a dirty situation since this page is a lie, the mobo actually has a Acer-proprietary 12-pin connector instead. That sucks.

    In order to fix this, I ordered a 24-to-12-pin adapter for Acer motherboards. This is where I ordered it from:

    I really hope this will do the trick. Although the product ships for tomorrow and I am going on a trip tonight... :(

    Thanks a lot.
  4. Well good, luck. it should be right. Enjoy the gaming! This is why i dont recommend proprietary systems like Dell, HP or Acer. To make systems at a price they do their own thing and compatibility for upgrading is severely compromised.

    Please pick a solution to close the thread.
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