I Have an hp 1446/7s and wanting to upgrade cpu and motherbourd to intel or amd under 200$ if possible

I have put in a msi nividia 970 and a 500 watt power supply but other than that it is stock
I was wondering if one would help me find a CPU and motherboard or tell me if i need to upgrade
I want to get 60 fps and 1080p on even optimized game like rust or ark survival
I was also wandering if i was bottle necking the gpu
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    I would upgrade to a i3-4160 CPU. In multi-threaded programs, the processor is estimated to have 38% higher performance. Single-threaded performance of the Intel i3-4160 is better.The i3 uses less power so heat will be less of an issue.

    if you can spend $250, you could upgrade to a i5 CPU. But even the i3 is an improvement over the AMD CPU.

    Hope this helps :)
  2. Could you give me an toslink output on the motherboard i know they are rare but i was surprised my motherboard had one the reason being i have astros headset
    I will upgrade to an i5 i wish i could go up to a i7 Because i have seen the performance on my alien ware which has a 4710mq 2.5ghz
  3. will my power supply work
  4. What make and model PSU did you get?
  5. Finkledbody said:
    What make and model PSU did you get?

    Thermatake tr500
  6. Yes. It will work just fine.
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