Does my cpu come with thermal paste?

I have an i5-4690K and will be overclocking in the future. I was wondering if thermal paste come with my cpu. Does it also come with the Hyper 212 EVO cpu cooler? Would i need to buy it seperately?If i use the stock cooler with my cpu but dont overclock will that be fine until i decide to overclock and then use the hyper 212? Thnaks
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  1. the 212 evo retail has a tube of paste. mine did.
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    thermal pastes usually come with the cpu cooler. this includes the stock cpu cooler from intel and amd and also the aftermarket coolers like the 212 evo.
    for your second question, no. the hyper 212 evo is what's called an aftermarket cpu cooler, meaning you have to buy it separately like you bought all the other components.
    for your final question, yes. it's fine if you choose to use the stock cooler now and upgrade later when you start overclocking.
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