I need to know which power supply to get for my new build!

Hey guys! I really need to know what power supply i need to get for my new build! I have a i7 4790k (Devils canyon), for graphics card I have a gigabyte GeForce gtx 970 extreme. 4 120mm fans with blue led lights, wd black 2 tb hard drive, and for my motherboard it's a gigabyte z97x gaming 3. For ram is 2x8 corsair dominator platinum. And a asus optical drive. If you can help, I would really appreciate it!
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    Hi, will give you an estimated wattage. 500 watts will be fine for you -
  2. Always get a good make psu and get one with extra power than you need that way you can add another gpu to the system later for sli or crossfire
  3. Tell us where you are from, then we can recommend a good deal.
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