Suddenly crashing Windows 7, then BSOD

on 12/28 I came back from vacation and turned my PC on. Never had problems before with it. It had some updates for Win7 to run. I held off on those and had the machine move 500GB of movies from one external HDD to a new 4TB one that I just received. 10hrs later I closed that out, did the updates and all hell went loose.

When the computer restarted it would get to the BIOS screen no problems, then show the windows starting screen, then go back to BIOS. Then I got a warning saying that I was having windows startup trouble. Did the repair tools, was able to get back to windows, log in and things were fine. Was doing work when 6 hours later got a BSOD and it restarted. Got the same windows startup failure error. Tried to do a repair but that did not work. I initiated a restore point from before 12/28, however it failed in the middle of that. I had no other restore points anymore to choose from and suddenly my internet driver was no longer recognized. So I decided to just clean install windows to see if that would help.

Was able to get my basic drivers on windows, and it started to update when it froze in the middle o the updates for windows. Now I can't even get to safe mode, I get BSOD of:
Inaccessible Boot Drive
Stop errors: 007E, 1E, and some that happen so quick I can't even get the info down even when set not to restart when there is an error.

I tried to reinstall Windows however I get a BSOD when the computer has to restart to continue the installation process, or when it is setting up the new registry.

Here is my build:
ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
Intel i5-2500k Sandy Bridge
2x4GB Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1600 (2 sets)
EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 560
Antec BP550 550W
Samsung Evo 840 250GB (This is my boot drive, nothing else on it but windows)
WD Black 1.0TB HDD (holds documents and pictures)
WD Blue 500GB HDD (holds games)

The last time I was able to get on windows I was able to get into the other HDD drives with no problems.

I know I have an older rig, that might be showing its age, however I am thinking that I might have a screwed up SSD drive.

Any and all help would be great.

Thank you

Update 1:
Bought a new SSD, Samsung 850 Evo 250GB. Installed it today. Disconnected all the other HDD's and all externals. Started the windows installation process. When it restarted and started to update registry keys it BSOD agained!!

Was able to get the stop codes:

System Service Exception

00000C0000005, FFFFF800029A13DE, FFFFF8800474B540, 0000000000000

I am not able to get into Windows itself to pull the dump reports. Thinking I may need to reseat everything and try that. Any ways to do a memory test in bios without having to wait for the report in windows??

Any other thoughts about what is going on would be great as well. Thank you!
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  1. Best answer
    Sounds like a hardware problem.
  2. Tzarchi said:
    Sounds like a hardware problem.

    Thats what I am thinking. Though do you think its a mother board problem or a SSD problem?
  3. Looks like it might be the drive.
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