I cannot play or store DVD RW on my computr how can I manage to get my computer to recognise it?

I have a recorded DVD RW I would like to store on my PC and burn copies from my PC. At present the DVD drive does not recognise the DVD RW format and says the DVD is empty when it is in the drive and will not respond. How can I get the RW to be recognised so I can store it?
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  1. Hello... what Model DVD hardware is it? let's check the Specs first.
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    I assume it recognizes factory made DVDs just fine?

    RW opticals are finicky that way. It's been known a RW disc burn on one machine can't be read by another. It seems they are not calibrated equally and or easily get out of alignment, and on top of that, RW media actually "wears out" over time, it has a shelf life, and it wears out faster if exposed to sunlight.

    Attempt to clean the drive, that's all you can do. After that, go a buddy's PC and see if you have better luck there.
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