Can't find out what is using my RAM

When the PC is idling I can see from the task manager a RAM usage of around 3 GB, of which only 700MB are used from processes linked to my user. I don't really understand how the other 2GB are used, I can't find any running process with task manager that is using that much space and RAMmap is not working on Windows 10... any advice?

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  1. don't task manager under the processes tab list all processes and theres a memory usage line for each process ?? then you look at the ones that got the highest number as stating there amount being used ??

    this can be found in windows resource monitor as well

    for windows alone it can take 1.5gb right off the top for its self then any background programs may add to that ??

    if you use chrome look in to that [google - google chrome is a resource hog and see how it can be ??]
  2. Quote:
    I can't find any running process with task manager that is using that much space

    I said that I've already chacked that, there are no processes using that much ram. What could it be then? And if it is because of Windows, why it is not listed under "System" or something like that?
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    well it don't look that bad this windows 7 shows just sitting here at toms doing nothing else uses 2.62 right now so you at 2.9 is not too far off the mark ? this should also change as memory is accessed and being used , and goes up and down .. [its higher at/just after start up as I just did when I gave my reading] its now down to 1.8...

    and a lot depends on what services are running or background tasks ? anything between 1.5-3 gb in use can be all system reserve

    now being here at toms using internet explorer is my highest ram user I exit the internet and my useage drops to 1.70 ??

    see ???? all about whats running and how it utilizes the memory and releases it after its closed or not running - [like chrome can use memory up and still not release it back to the system as it should ]

    google ''windows 10 high memory'' and see all the things on it ??


    his screen shot

    thing is you can count on windows taking around 2gb right off the top for its self - that's just how it is
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