My computer crashes when I play graphically intensive games

PC crashes to either a blue screen involving a dump or I loose the video card input to the monitor and the in-game sound goes to very fast repeat. I have tried a number of games and the more graphically intensive the game the sooner the game crashes. It seemed like the games ran longer when I removed a cover from the PC case.
Ive tried a few things: Liquid cooling the GPU, replaced cpu thermal paste, system updates, monitored system temp during games and the temps did not run out of control. I am wondering if it has nothing to do with the temps.
Windows 7 64bit
AMD FX9370 8 core
AMD Radeon R9280
PSU: Raidmax RX-1000AE 1000W 80 Plus Gold
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  1. Run a memory test first. Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Memory Test. If that turns out perfectly fine, I would run a stress test on both the GPU and CPU and see if it crashes. If it does, it could be the VRM of the motherboard or possibly the power supply. Raidmax are known for poor quality units.
  2. SO over the last week or so I tried stress testing the CPU and GPU. The memory test was ok and so was CPU test. When I ran the gpu stress test the computer locked up. Cuuld it be because the video card is not getting enough power?
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    It could very well be the power supply, but not because it can't supply enough power, but because Raidmax units are typically poorer quality, so it could be providing an unstable voltage to the graphics card under the heavy load. I'd replace the power supply perhaps with something of better quality.

    Realistically, all you need is a 650W unit.
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