Where can I get a new OEM iso for windows 7 Home Premium?

So everyone first off is going to ask me why I need it and why I do not just download it from Microsoft. The answer to the first question is easy; the computer in question has a loot of viruses and god knows what on it and rather then trying to play computer repair man or paying someone their weight in gold I would rather go the free route. Second since the computer in question is a HP Pavilion g7 Notebook PC it came preinstalled with windows 7 and Microsoft will not allow me to get it from them with my license key. Now ALL I WANT IS A SAFE PLACE TO DOWNLOAD THAT ISO FILE, so i can install it and be done with it. I contacted HP and I got nothing but Indians with thick accents that just wouldn't answer my question. I do not know if I need the OEM version but I am completly wiping this baby so i think I do. I need it done fast so the sooner the better.
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  1. OEM No longer available only retail if verified.
  2. Well you can <redacted by moderator> Easier would be to borrow a disk from a friend.

    <We don't discuss ways other than legit for obtaining installation media>
  3. well if I moved from windows 7 tyo 10 via the free upgrade will all the viruses be gone? since it is a clean install
  4. can i set it so that it wipes everything in the installation process?
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