Overlocking MSI R9 280X Help Needed!

Hi all,

I am having a headache overclocking this card!

It's the MSI version with a standard core clock of 1020mhz - I've used MSI Afterburner and CCC to overclock, but my results actually decrease in both benchmarking (3Dmark and Heaven) and in real world games.

It doesn't matter whether I overclock to it's maximum stable clock (1200mhz / 1750mhz) or if I bump it up a little, I get negative results.

I've tried using older CCC drivers, the newest drivers, different OC tools and increasing the voltage (Can't alter Vcore directly as it's locked in MSI to +mv, but increased it to where it's reading 1.242v) and nothing has the slightest impact.

Can anyone shed some light?

PC Specs:

i5 4690k 3.50ghz OC to to 4.50ghz (1.150 Vcore)
MSI R9 280X
EVGA 1200W P2
Gigabyte Z97 UD5H-Black Edition

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  1. Why??? The 280X is already overclocked... I have the same series card and felt no need to try to squeeze out more juice from it.
  2. Just because I felt the need to try and get every last drop out of it, If I can get some more then excellent...
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