What GPU should I Buy for my setup?


I'm looking for a new GPU for my PC.

My current setup is:
FSP Raider 650W
Asrock Z87 Extreme 3
i5-4670k (I haven't OCed it yet)
8 gb ram
Sapphire 7870 OC Edition 2gb vram
My resolution: 1680x1050 (yeah a little bit old school:] )

I have a budget for 380x, 970, maybe an r9 390 (390's prices are a little bit crazy in my country atm).

My biggest concern is my PSU. Some people say it's okey, some say it isn't. It's two and a half years old, IDK why, but I got only 2 year guarantee on it.

So my question is, what GPU should I buy, and my PSU is okey? Or I should buy a new one? (That would limit my options to the 380/380x.)

Thanks for your answers.
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    All three GPU's should work fine on that PSU. The specs for the AMD cards say a minimum of 750W is required, but that's not really accurate. Unless you have a crazy amount of peripherals hooked up to your PC, 650W will be fine. Nvidia cards like the 970 generally use less power, so you could get one of those if you're still concerned about power usage.

    Your PSU is a tier 4 (low quality) unit. It wouldn't be a bad idea to upgrade it after you figure out which GPU you want. Since your PSU obviously is working right now, I would use the money you have for the GPU. In a little while (after you've saved up some more money) I would recommend upgrading the PSU to a better quality one.
  2. Thanks for your answer! :)
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