Currently have a gtx 770 4gb don't know weather to get another one and sli or sell mine and upgrade to 970.

Feels like I'm falling behind in the gpu department, can still play the witcher 3 on ultra at about 60fps but I just upgraded my monitor to a 144hz gaming one and now I wanna be able to easily run everything and anything on an easy 120+fps.
My rig is a i7 4770k, 16gb ram, 500gb ssd with a 1tb hdd, msi mobo, gtx 770 4gb,
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  1. I'll recommend upgrade to gtx 970 because it will be capable to run every single game. The sli will use too much power and isn't supported by many games.
  2. get another 770
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    upgrading to new Gen for me is always better and more future proof than just getting the same old gen and SLI . Some games does not support SLI and you will need a good PSU to handle two GPU . Also the scaling of performance isn't that greet ether . Unless you are getting the GTX 770 for a really cheap price and you have the capability of SLI then go for it . Otherwise I recommend getting the GTX 970 or maybe the AMD equivalent R9 390 .
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