New msi gtx 970 rly low gpu usage pls help

My new msi gtx 970 has rly bad gpu usage on every game i play ... its worst than my old 670 . Is there anything i can do to fix it or my 970 is a faulty one ? I get 20-30% gpu usage with every game i play and rly annoying stuttering even when i see 60fps it feels like 20 , here is a ss when i run Blade and Soul . Especially when i have something running on my 2nd screen like or a youtube video my fps drops down to like 20. Its rly worst than my 670 at each and every game i tryed. It feels like i upgraded to a worst gpu... pls help if u can .
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  1. what is your CPU?
  2. intel core i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz

    250gb ssd - 1t hdd - 16gb ram - cx600 psu - using 2 monitors 120hz and 144hz .

    Also after doing some research i found out that cpu might cause the low gpu usage and i noticed my cpu usage is only 20-30% and memory 6-7 gb
  3. That CPU should still be pretty good for gaming. Your low reported CPU usage does not indicate a CPU bottleneck. If you were seeing a CPU bottleneck the CPU usage would be very high, not very low.
  4. Alright but why my gpu only give me 25-30% usage is there any way to fix it or the gpu is faulty?
    I think my setup overall is pretty decent for this gpu i dont get it why the performance is so poor like even worst than my 3 years old gtx670 i rly dont know what to do about it.
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    I don't know what the problem is but it's not a CPU bottleneck. I have never used MSI Afterburner because I haven't felt the need to overclock my 970s. The picture you posted seems a bit odd to me though. It doesn't seem like the core voltage should be turned all the way to the minimum like that.

    Like I said, I've never used Afterburner or the other GPU overclocking programs so maybe that is completely normal. I just have a hunch that it is not though. Hopefully someone with more Afterburner experience can chime in.

    Edit: It would have helped your chances of success if you didn't select a best answer before your problem was solved too. Lots of people don't come into threads that are already marked solved because they rightfully assume your problem has been solved.
  6. yea i missclicked that :S ill remake a post
  7. Nerdlife said:
    yea i missclicked that :S ill remake a post

    Don't do that. People need to see what has been posted so far in order to help you. I unselected the best answer for you.
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