BSOD bad_pool_header after installing drivers

Hello community. So, this happened.
My laptop (HP G42 64 bits) fell and the screen broke.
Since then, I have been using a monitor through the VGA port. No problems at all.
After I had someone replace my screen and everything was working fine, I decided to download driver booster 3 and upated all the drivers. Since then, Ive been getting the BSOD bad_pool_header and only one time i got the memory_management while I was watching a DVD.
How can I "scan" or "test" what the problem is? and after that, solve it?
Thank you for your time and help.
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    these programs that update drivers will just copy the version that they have collected from some random place on the internet. often a custom machine will require a custom version of a driver and you have to use the driver provided by your motherboard/laptop vendor. For example, if a vendor puts a certain chip on their board and later finds out there is a bug in that version of the chip, they would modify the driver for the machine and make a custom driver to "fix" the problem.

    also, some driver also are paired with BIOS updates that are required to be installed at the same time. This is very common with USB drivers.

    With your problem, it is too generic to tell the cause without looking at a memory dump. I would update the BIOS if you have not done reboot and see if you still get the bugcheck.

    failing that you have to find out what corrupted your memory but running tools.
    (this assumes your hardware is working ok) if It is a driver corrupting memory you would start cmd.exe as an admin, then run
    verifier.exe /standard /all
    and reboot.
    make sure you know how to get into safe mode on your machine.
    (f8 or shift+f8) because it might bugcheck on the boot up and then you would have to go into safe mode and turn off verifier via
    verifier.exe /reset

    after you get a bugcheck with verifier turned on, you will have a memory dump located at c:\windows\minidump directory.
    the most current memory dump file will have a high probability of naming the correct driver that corrupted the memory.

    you would then download whocrashed.exe or bluescreenview.exe and have it look at the memory dump file and see the name of the driver.
    then go here:
    and look up the driver name to see who owns it and what it is for.

    otherwise you have to copy the memory dump to a server like microsoft onedriver, share the file with the public and post a link. Then someone with a windows debugger can take a look. (few people actually do this)
  2. Thank you for your answer! I hope it helps. Ill let you know.
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