[new build] keyboard and mouse stop working when installing windows

As the title says,When I get to the "Install Windows" screen when booting from my dvd drive, my keyboard and mouse stop working and I can't continue.
Both my keyboard and mouse work consistently when navigating my BIOS menus. When I choose to install windows, they stop.
If I unplug and plug my keyboard back in, the lights come back on, but it still doesn't function.

Anyone encounter anything similar?
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  1. Do you have any other keyboards? Are you able to check for new software for your keyboard and mouse? If so check up on that. Also have you tried another USB port?
  2. It's not in windows yet, he cant check for updates
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if by chance it's a wireless keyboard and mouse. You should use a wired one.
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