Best High end graphics for 3D CAD AND 2D HYDRO

I am a civil engineer and a hydrologist and I use Civil 3D and I also work with GPU accelerated 2D flood modeling software. I have found no card that is good for both. GPU acceleration needs parallelism of multicore CPU's and GPUs. So basically I need the best of both worlds. I have found that the best GPC for C3D at an ok price is the new QUADRO M4000. It is better than the K4200 and in some instances outperforms the K5000 and K5200. It carries 8gb's at $850.00, takes a single slot and supports 4 displays under a PRO MAXWELL architecture. I think it is a no Brainer for a C3D or say any Autodesk power user. For flood simulation a TESLA accelerator is the BEST, but extremely expensive and a GTX 970 with the help of 6 or 8 core i7 or Xeon are the way to go. See, neither the quadro or firepro will support parallel acceleration and in order to simulate in minutes or hours and not days, you basically need two systems.


Please do not include RADEON or CROSSFIRE in the conversation. THAT JUST DOES NOT WORK FOR THESE APPLICATIONS!

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  1. I have no experience whatsoever in your specialist field but the Nvidia website appears to suggest you can run multi GPU setups covering both the scenario's you mention (Quadro and Tesla):

    Apologies if this is way wide of the mark.
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    You can also have multiple types in a single system. Like gtx with quadro or actually all 3. Does the flood simulation software let you choose gpu? Otherwise multiple monitors just needs to change the main in windows. With a single monitor you have to change the cable or have a switch.
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