Need help with psu wattage. Fury x CF

Hello all
I am wondering if about psu wattage
I have
amd 9590fx
1866mhz 2x8 16gb ram
Fury x
Water cooler
So 7 fans and 3 ssd
CD rom player

Anyways I have 900w gold certified psu. However I eventually want to buy another r9 fury x to CF.
What would I need to be comfortable in wattage? 1100, 1200w?
No reall over clocking yet don't need to.
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  1. Thats about 300w per card (450 under benchmark conditions), so 600w for Xfire, another 220w on top for the processor, that puts you at 820w, plus the rest of the system.
    If this was an intel build, your 900w unit would be good, however you are going to have to push the kW barrier.,evga-power-supply-220p21200x1/
  2. I entered your build in and came up with about 950 watts once you add the second card. I'd get a quality 1200W supply. Like an EVGA G2 or P2.
  3. What about the corsair hx1200i
  4. Best answer
    You can never go wrong with the Superflower leadex platform that the two EVGA units use.
    While the HXi is quality, I recommend the P2 unit. It was the second unit ever to get a perfect 10 on jonnyguru
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