Recommended PSU for this build?

Hi guys, this is my first time building a PC and I was wondering if it I could possibly get some experienced input on the right PSU for my build. I have checked on some PSU calculator sites and one gave me a total power of 407W and another with ~560W, so I was a bit confused.

Here are some of the specs:

GPU: EVGA Nvidia GTX 970 SSC
CPU: Intel i5 4690k
Mobo: MSI Z97 PC Mate LGA 1150

If you need anymore info, please let me know. Thanks :)
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  1. The builds has a tdp of around 350W, maybe 450 under torture tests. You'll be just fine with a 520W PSU.
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    Go with this this will do if you are under tight budget. or go for 550W.
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