My PC upgrade? What components should l choose?

Now I have:
CPU-Intel Pentium E2180 2.00GHz
MOBO-Gigabyte P31-DS3L
GPU-ATI Radeon 5450 HD
I have 4 GBs(2x2)(NOT USING NOW!) of transcend DDR3 memory.
I want to buy new MOBO(under 50$) which is compatible with this CPU,GPU and RAM(DDR3) and which would be compatible with new CPU(under 70$ and what to choose?).
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  1. You really do not have an upgrade path. That CPU is 9 years old, the DDR 3 would not work with any motherboard that would support your CPU. Your system has met it's end.

    Save for a new build.
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    Intel Pentium G3250 3.2GHz Dual-Core Processor - $65.99 Free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime $65.99 Amazon
    Gigabyte GA-B85M-DS3H-A Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard
    $49.99 -$10.00 $1.99 $41.98 Newegg
  3. What exactly will your PC be used for? Gaming? if so, what games?
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