My seagate 1TB external HDD starts up then I get a click, click, click and it stops. Drive not detected and lights stays on -

Seagate 1TB external HDD gives several clicks when it starts and not detect by computer
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    Clicking means the drive has failed, the read/write heads have crashed in to the platter and the clicking is made by the read/write heads being trapped. New drive required.
  2. Assuming the discs are not damaged, how can I recover data?
  3. Hi there wharbor,

    Sometimes, externals could make clicking sounds when there is not enough power supplied to them. I guess it will not hurt to use a different USB cable and attach the drive to another USB port.
    In case the issue persists, I would agree with Phillip Corcoran and say that the HDD has failed.

    I doubt that you will be able to access it using some software tools.
    If the data stored on it is really important, you will need to contact a data recovery company.

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