my pc fan is acting wierdly.

Ok I have Lenovo h320 pc which I recently upgraded the graphic card and RAM . It has been around 1 month since the upgrade and it was all working fine. But today when I started the pc first it started to beep continuously and fan was ok. I restarted many times. And then the fan was exceptionally fast and loud and there was a very short beep which stopped but the fan didn't and then my pc started but I shut it down to prevent damage . Please help and tell me what should I do
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  1. I'm pretty sure this is letting you know your power supply is unable to handle the (new) upgrades even thought it's been working fine for a month you might have hit the limit of the power supply and it changed something i'm not 100% sure but this sounds the most logical to me if you don't mind me asking what psu are you running and what card and ram upgrades did you do?

    **I had an old hp desktop a lonnnnggg time ago and i upgraded the gpu before i checked the specs on my psu and the computer wouldnt even post it just gave me beeping sounds like 4 or 5 in a row.
  2. I'm the one who started this thread(arjunkansal). Actually I had problem with my account. Yes I upgraded hd 5450 1gb to galax nvidia gt 730 1gb ddr5 and from 3(2+1) gb 1066 mhz RAM to 6gb (4+2)whole new 1333mhz RAM. I obviously consulted someone on this site and he said it's fine(the power supply) since hd 5450 consumed more power. Power supply is 250w. I've had the same beeping problem before the upgrade too and it stopped on its own however there was no fan problem at that time. Please help .
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