can the amd a6-6400k dual-core apu richland processor 3.9ghz 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram and a micro atx a58 motherboard run arma 2

It has Radeon HD 8470D integrated graphics can it run arma 2 on Dayz mod and multiplayer servers on low to med settings 30 fps
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    You need to check the Arma II website to find the required specifications.

  2. Checking the needs , It's never a good thing using integrated graphics on Video Games , specialy high end games (ex: Arma 2) , that's with GPU's do exist and sorry to say , it could maybe be possible to open the game but the gameplay once you on a server .. Woulden't be the best , That's my guest , either try to buy cheap next Holy day sales and try your luck , or look for a graphics card ;)
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