WD Internal Hard Drive Issues in External Enclosure

I have a WD 1.5 TB Hard Drive, one that I've had for a while (and have confirmed works in a desktop), but seeing I now have a laptop I had to buy a External Enclosure (
So after I installed the Hard Drive I realised it wouldn't spin up no matter what I did. I changed the power adapter, plugged it in and out (many times), checked disk manager, the whole lot. So I honestly have no clues to what it might be, and being generally quite good in the field I'm truly stumped, So any help would be appreciated.
I'm using Windows 10, on a 'Surface Pro 2'.

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. did you try using it with a different enclosure?
    i think this one has gone bad
  2. Hey there, LucaRehab. Welcome to tom's Hardware! :)

    If the drive is working properly, then I guess the external enclosure might be faulty. Check if it's recognized in Device Manager and if it is - try reinstalling or updating its driver, to see if that fixes things up. You should also try the drive with that external enclosure and a different computer, just to see if the same thing happens. If you have the option of trying a different drive with the enclosure, it would also be helpful. This way we'd probably be able to determine where does the issue lie exactly.
    You should also check if there's a specific driver available on the enclosure manufacturer's website.

    Hope that helps. Please let me know how everything goes.
  3. Thank for the quick response!

    Unfortunately, I only have the one drive to test the enclosure with, I really did just assume the enclosure would work considering its brand new. And no I didn't see anything with the likes of a enclosure in device manager (I tried again as I'm writing this now), but I did try in another computer but still didn't get any results. The one thing that's boggled me is I did have a spare "enclosure" (It was just the PCB part) that I used to use on a different drive, but when I tried it with that one, It did something similar to what is happening with this one. So I thought because the drive worked in a desktop it must be that old enclosure (which is why I bought the new one). So unless this enclosure is broken as well, I just don't have a clue to what might be the problem.
    Once again, thanks for the reply (I wasn't expecting one for a while), and any clues to what it might be would be very appreciated!

  4. this is a very simple problem, either the hdd is dead or the enclosure is
    try verifying again if the hdd works, and if it does, maybe try returning the enclosure or bring it to a local shop
  5. OK, Thanks, Ill see if I can return the enclosure and get it replaced. In the mean time I guess I could try the old PCB enclosure thing again.

    Thanks for the reply's!

  6. @Thineswar is probably right. It sounds like it's either an enclosure issue or a cable or the drive. So I'd recommend that you connect the drive again via a standard SATA connection (even though it's working properly) and try it out with DLG (Data Lifeguard), to see if anything unusual pops-up, just to make sure that it is indeed OK. Here's how to do it: How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows
    On the other hand perhaps before you return the enclosure the guys from the store might test it out with a different drive.

    Please keep us posted.
  7. OK, I'll do that as soon as I can, I'll also check out the USB cable to the actual enclosure because it doesn't seem to be of very good quality. Thanks once again for taking your time. I'll try to write back when something happens.

  8. Hmm, I'm not any closer to finding the problem. I used a different cable (Three of them) and tried it in a desktop again (I tried the disk checker and it said it was fine, i also checked the S.M.A.R.T Table and still found nothing bad). So unfortunately I'm not any closer to seeing whats wrong with this annoying hard drive, I might just have to sell it on eby or something. Anyway, thanks for helping and please post if you have any ideas.

  9. so, there's nothing wrong with the drive.
    it's the enclosure then
  10. I guess so, I'll have to see if i can get my hands on another drive, but all I can say the enclosure is probably not working.
    Thanks for the (very) quick response.

  11. Best answer
    i think you misunderstood me.
    earlier, you have confirmed that most probably, the drive is fine.
    so, the only other thing that could be the issue is the enclosure.
  12. Yup, I'm with @Thinswar on this one. It really seems like the enclosure is at fault here if you've found no issues whatsoever with the drive. If you're unable to find a different drive to test the enclosure with, I'd recommend that you try to get it RMAed. You could also try a computer service shop, to see if the guys there could test the enclosure for you.
  13. Yeah, I Guess I'll Have to send it back or get it checked out at a computer store. Thanks for the help.
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