Cloned hard drive, stuck in AHCI auto-detect, IDE mode works

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L, BIOS F9
OS: Windows 7 Professional, 32-bit

I have a HTPC using Windows 7. The hard drive the OS was installed on was getting full (only 30 GB), so I decided to migrate to a larger 300 GB hard drive I had lying around. I used Macrium Reflect to clone the partitions of the 30 GB drive to the 300 GB drive. This completed successfully.

I then shut the system down, unplugged the old (30 GB) HD and tried to boot. I can't get it past the AHCI auto-detect screen. It just hangs whenever it gets to the new drive:

Serial ATA AHCI BIOS, Version UPSD src 04-20-2007
Copyright (c) 2003-2006 Intel Corporation
** This version supports only Hard Disk and CDROM drives **
Please wait. This will take few seconds.

Controller Bus#00, Device#1F, Function#02: 06 Ports, 02 Devices.

If I plug the DVD drive in port 0, it will show that, but will hang on the port that the drive is plugged into. I've tried every SATA port, unplugged everything else (DVD drive and 2 other HDs), changed cables and nothing works. I am unable to get to the BIOS, device boot selection, or Windows recovery disk - nothing.

I had the idea that maybe it was the AHCI setting, so I unplugged the drive and got into the BIOS and was able to change the setting from AHCI to IDE. It boots fine under IDE. I connected all the devices and it's fine. I've done a chdsk on the new drive and nothing came up. I've checked the AHCI settings in the registry and they look correct. But if I change the BIOS back to AHCI, it bricks, meaning I can't get anything past the autodetect. I then have to unplug the drive and set it back to IDE in the BIOS.

I've even tried the same clone process on a second (250 GB) hard drive, and no luck, the exact same thing happens. Because this is a clone, I can't imagine any drivers being corrupted. Something else I should be looking at? And is it a problem to just leave it in IDE mode? What am I sacrificing by doing that.

I apologize if I got some of the terminology incorrect - this isn't my area of expertise. But I'm really stumped and would love some help if anyone can assist!
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    If you are not using SSD there's nothing to be gained by using AHCI mode. IDE is quite enough.
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