Do I need extra case fans for this or just buy a CPU cooler?

Here's the build link:

I've noticed that many people say that just because you have 20 240mm case fans doesn't mean you're never going to overheat, but I've noticed that on the 200R there are some places for extra case fans. This wouldn't be a concern to me if I had bought an aftermarket CPU cooler. So my question is this - would you recommend extra 120mm case fans (also how many more) and/or a CPU cooler? Thanks for any responses!
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  1. First thing that strikes me is the power supply. Supernova NEX are quite poor quality, and I'd change it an EVGA G2. I wouldn't buy the case fans unless you need them and temps are high.
  2. Max out the fans spots in your case with Noctua fans
    Here's a link:
    Get a Hyper EVO 212 cooler. Its got a good price and great temps.
    Here's a Link:

    Also, make sure you have a good intake/exhaust set up.

    That should make your temps a lot better
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    See how your temps are then decide. More fans doesn't equate to better cooling usually just noise and air turbulence.
    You want a steady path of air flowing from front to back .
    If your temps are high which I doubt they would be run 2 intake front maybe one bottom intake if gpu temps are high and rear exhaust.
    Try it first, the stock cooler will be fine since the CPU is not unlocked if you have good airflow everything should be fine.
  4. Yeah, decide about case fans later. Just do your CPU a favour and get the Hyper EVO 212.
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