2nd Windows 7 OS not appearing in BIOS after reinstalling 1st windows 7 os (seperate drives)

Windows 7 not appearing in BIOS after installing windows 7 on separate drive

Couldn't find a solution to my problem in previous threads, so hoping someone can help:

I had Windows 7 installed on 2 separate drives C & G. Windows 7 needed to be reloaded on drive C. I reformatted drive C and reinstalled Windows 7 on this drive. Windows 7 works fine on drive C but I no longer have the option of choosing which Windows to load when starting up the PC.

In windows explorer everything looks intact on drive G but just need BIOS to recognise both operating systems

Please can someone point me in the right direction
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  1. A bios will not recognize an operating system only a drive. Are you trying to boot to 2 different Windows versions? If so, hit tap on F12 at post and choose the drive you want to boot from. C or G
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    Download Visual BCD Editor (from

    Select "Create missing Windows loaders" or just type "F9" key - it will create a second boot loader for Windows on drive G:

    For renaming a boot menu entry - select loader and type "F2" key, then edit text.
  3. Good advice!
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