Question about which drivers to install on new Asus motherboard?

I will be getting this motherboard soon, and am looking at what drivers I will need to install from their site (probably to flash drive since I have no optical drive, and there is a pretty long list of 33 files. My question is do I need to download all 33 of them? Thanks!
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  1. some of those 33 arent drivers they are bios files and software utilities

    and some will have more than one revision--so just do the drivers with the latest revision number

    same with bios

    and the software utilities its up to you which you want to use
  2. Ah, I see- would you suggest I install the bios files as well, or just stick to the drivers to get started?
  3. What version of windows will you use?

    Windows 10 should get you going.
    Check the device manager list for any devices with yellow ! marks and install those drivers.

    I would not try to update the bios as delivered. Do so only if you have a problem that is fixed by an update.
    Also, look very carefully at the software that is offered.
    You may not want to install any of it . motherboard makers get added revenue by pushing trialware and other junk.
  4. your board may already have the latest bios any way so might not need the bios file

    main thing is get the driver that gives you internet access with that you can then download the other stuff from the new pc instead of having to do all of them to flash drive
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    I'd get and flash to latest BIOS, with a line of mobos, there are going to be lots of updates, as with any BIOS update they will only list 1-2 things when there are usually tons of updates, particularly for DRAM compatibility. Also best to get the latest version of each driver as those on the CD that comes with the mobo are generally out of date. Win will often come with generic drivers for things, but best to stick to the mobo manufactures versions which have been tested and tweaked to play with all components. I usually have everything waiting for a new mobo on a flash drive so ready to go when it arrives ;)
  6. Yes, going to use windows10 64bit. Geofelt, do you mean let Windows10 choose and install the drivers, or should I still go to Asus' website and download and install the drivers myself?
  7. dont rely on windows 10 having all the needed drivers

    it doesnt have my ethernet driver when i do a clean install and thats an intel driver so i thought it would have it
  8. great, thanks for all the help, think I got a good idea what I should do now.
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