MSI R9 280x 3GB Vram Problem attempting Fix

MSI R9 280x Vram problem with artifacts well known in this brand.

2nd RMA same problem. finally had enough and attempting fix but looking for professional advice.

Planning to add copper heatsinks to the two exposed Vram's.

Wondering will these Heatsinks be the correct size, and do you think it will work?

I have tried downclocking the card to 7970 still same problem

Also tried the fan on all settings and running at 50% heat under GTA V load for example still artifacts.

Thanks for help
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    Once you modify the card the chance of a warranty or RMA is gone .

    If you can just send it back and buy a brand that works
  2. Sent it back once already cost me £30, i just can not afford it again i really feel like i got robbed and to risk it a 2nd time you know what i mean, if they said they would swap it for a nvideo 960 i would pay the £30 at least then i know the card will work lol
  3. Decided to just call it quits and wasted money with the R9 280x and purchased a Nvidea 780 oc,
  4. Whenever I took off the cooler for my sapphire r9 280 3gb (i purchased this card refurbished) I noticed that there was a piece of the metal plate had been hacked off for some reason..... it looked like a ghetto job like someone took a dremel and chopped part of it off which was conveniently placed right where one of the Vrams were. So i put a thermal pad and cut aluminum squares off of an old stock i5 4690k cooler and put thermal paste in between the fins so it would move the heat to the cooler. just figured I would halfass it untill I get my water cooler for it. Super annoying. Like why Newegg, why did you sell me a messed up gpu.....
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