Where to connect 3-pin power cable from NZXT Kraken X61 pump in a NZXT H440 New 2015 Edition case

Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice about the PWM fan hub in the H440 2015 New Edition.

I'm using a NZXT Kraken X61 and currently have the 3 pin power cable from the pump going to the 4 pin CPU Fan port on the hub.

The PWM cable from the the top of the hub is connected to CPU_FAN 1 on the motherboard.

The only other fan connected to the hub is the rear exhaust fan. In BIOS I disabled the motherboard's Smart Fan setting for the CPU_FAN 1 header.

I'm wondering if this setup correct and optimal?
Should I have connected the 3 pin power cable from the pump directly to the motherboard?

I understand that the pump should receive a constant 12V supply in order to be most effective, and then the CAM software controls pump/fan speeds.

Full spec of my rig

Thanks :D
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    You didn't connect the cooler according to the instructions?
    I would not even use the fan hub from the case. All the cooler's connections go to the motherboard with the exception of the SATA power connector from the PSU. The rad fans connect to the first two ports on the 4-port daisy chain from the pump.
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