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I've done about an hour or so of research and can't seem to find any info about upgrading my toshiba laptops CPU in the a205-s4557 Model # PSAF0U-02L009. I know its old and the typical response would be get a new laptop or something along those lines but this is a project for fun not necessity. I was given this laptop and upgraded the hdd to an ssd and I added some RAM now I'm wanting to see if I can upgrade the CPU but I can't seem to find any info. I haven't found anything telling me I can or can't upgrade or anything significant for that matter. I would truly appreciate any leads or concrete info on if I can or can't upgrade and if I can what is the fastest CPU I can upgrade to. Oh, If anyone can post links to point me in the right direction that would be great also.
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  1. So I did a quick run through of the manual and I'm assuming that your answer is that if I don't find a section on upgrading my CPU in the manual then it is not possible?
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    Yes and No, it depends on the motherboard Chipset. The majority of the time Toshiba will include a CPU supported list in the Service Manual. I know the a A205-S5XXX have a socketed CPU and have a slight upgradable ability but it isn't much and less than a T7300 2.00ghz. For the most part it isn't even worth cracking the Chassis open unless your replacing the Cooling fan.
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