On my external hard drive I have a file of home videos but when I click on it it says "G:\Home movies is not accessible. Data

I have home videos of my kids on this hard drive and I can't access them why? Please help
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  1. "Why?" is not something anyone on the forum can answer without much more details.
  2. Are the home movies the only thing stored on that drive? If no, can you access other files on the drive? If yes, have you tried testing the drive by copying (not storing new files) other files to the drive and see if they are accessible? popatim is right, more information is needed.
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    Hi there,

    That is unpleasant. :(
    As the other guys have already suggested, you should really provide some more details on the issue you are facing.

    Apart from that, you can try something simple as just using a different USB cable. Also, you can attach the drive to another system and see if the issue persists.
    In case it does, you can try the Ubuntu Live CD approach out. Just boot from a flash drive or a CD and see if the HDD is accessible. In case it is, my suggestion would be to back up the data stored on the drive ASAP. Here's a link:
    Also, you can try some data recovery tool:

    In none of these work, then your safest bet for recovering the data would be to contact a data recovery company.

    Let us know how this goes,
    D_Know_WD :)
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