Need help choosing between 2 builds. Upgradability and GTX 960 or GTX 970

Basically, one has a GTX 970 but I will need to buy new hardware if I want to upgrade anything (CPU Cooler for OC, Motherboard for SLI, PSU for wattage) and the other has a good PSU, really good motherboard, good enough CPU cooler but a GTX 960. There is a big jump between 960 and 970 and I'm going to be playing demanding games like Rainbow Six: Siege, The Division, AC Syndicate, at 1080p and want to achieve at least 60 fps on high-ultra settings, but I also want to be able to upgrade this PC some years later.

What would you choose?
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    1) a good psu don't need to be expensive but is highly recommended for high end gaming
    -seasonic s12ii 520 80+broneze
    -xfx ts
    2) the cases are really expensive but if you like it go for it (check bitfenix neos)
    3) I would go for the fpst build with these changes
    motherboard -> msi h170 gaming m3 theres a cash back promo on it so its not much more expensive but better.
    psu-> seasonic s12ii 80+bronze
    case-> bitfenix neos back

    for the rest greta build mate :) don't forget your os
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