Do i need to upgrade my PC pr not for the upcoming games??

I'm waiting for the upcoming games of 2016 like:
Tom Clancy's the Division
Hitman 6
Quantum break
Farcry primal
But i don't know if my PC specs can run the on high settings or not


Intel core i5 ivy bridge 3340 ,3.1 GHz
Gigabyte geforce GTX 960 windforce 2X OC 2 GB
Ram:8 GB
Windows 10 Pro

So,can anyone tell me if i could play the above games on high settings and on 1920X1080 res. On high settings or not??
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    At medium to high settings depending on the game, you'd get around 20-80 FPS or even higher. Depends on the settings, really, and your card settings. Farcry will probab;y be the most intensive out of all of these.
  2. You can easily get 60 locked fps on Far Cry Primal with a mix of medium/high settings, The Division can run 55-60 at medium. Not sure about the others, only game that looks really demanding is quantum break right now
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